Hi! I’m Esther Marie

I’m a fine-art photographer who loves creating art work for people who love their pets. Sadly, our dogs are not by our sides forever so I consider it an absolute honour to be able to create photography which truly encapsulates everything you know and love about your dog. I work with passionate dog owners to create treasured artwork of their animals to be displayed in their homes. 

My dogs mean everything to me and my family.

So, I know how important your dogs are to you. Every dog I photograph is treated as an individual, I’ll find out all about thier story before I pick up my camera and begin to photograph them.

My approach and goal to each photography commission is to create the most meangiful artwork you will ever own.

Meet Ruby & Caira

Ruby and Caira work mainly behind the scenes, some of their roles include being top dog models to help me work on new photography concepts, marketing (i.e. enticing customers in from the window) and I mustn't forget their favourite role cleaning up the studio of any cheese treats!


+ 01706 846714

Beautiful photography for pets and their people.


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